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Jump4Love, no fake profiles, no fraud, real ladies only. Really?

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Internet marriage agency or dating sites would have you believe that the only scams you should be concerned about are those where a girl asks for money. This is probably the biggest scam of them all, because the reality is these types of scams pale into insignificance when compared with the amount of money men are scammed out of from the sites themselves. Whether it is with the connivance of the dating sites or not, the fact is, the vast majority of girls on these sites are there because they receive commission for communicating with men by letter or in web chat. Contrary to what these dating sites would have you believe, some girls operate multiple profiles, some are married or have regular boyfriends and many are students or models. However, these dating sites put a great deal of effort into redirecting your attention from the reality or they blatantly lie about the facts.

Take Jump4Love, they have put a lot of time and effort into creating positive propaganda where they set up sites and blogs which extol the virtues of their main site, using tags such as; “no fake profiles”, “no fraud”, “no scam” and “only real ladies”. Now they know and I know for a fact, that these tags are not only misleading, they are also untrue. That notwithstanding, anyone that cares to look at Jump4Love’s terms and conditions will note that they go to great pains to distance themselves from the girls on their dating site; claiming that they are not responsible for the girls that are featured on their site and that they can’t guarantee that the girls genuine.

Jump4Love have mirror sites and also a number of blogs. The former is not unusual, but the latter is in my view, a cynical attempt to create positive and misleading claims about the virtues of their site and to drown out the more relevant and factual stories about people that have had a bad experience at Jump4Love or, for that matter, similar dating sites. The blogs typically contain generic and condescending stories with backlinks to Jump4Love’s main site. I also note that some blogs which contain positive reviews about jump4Love also have a ‘referrer’ code allowing the person writing the post to be identified and, presumably, to receive some reward or commission for each referrer that subsequently starts spending money with Jump4Love…therefore, you can take anything that is written within these particular posts with a pinch of salt.

These sites operate with virtual impunity with no oversight and little or no protection for the men that believe the sites are genuine dating sites. Unless, or until the authorities crack down on this international scandal, it is left for those who have had real experience to write about them in the hope that others do not follow the same path. I urge those that have been scammed by any of these dating sites to write about their experiences and expose the girls and sites…and for those that are considering registering with a dating site, I would recommend that they complete their research and check the sites terms and conditions before they part with any money. I reiterate what I have already written, the biggest money making scam is not the girls asking for money, but the money men spend on these sites communicating with girls who are being paid to write and chat.

Jump4Love, liars and cheats?

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

At the beginning of the year I wrote to Jump4Love once I had discovered that I had been the victim of a deception orchestrated via their website. In my particular case, I had been communicating with a girl called “Kristina Smirnova” for a period of 9 months. However, after having my suspicions raised, I discovered that Kristina Smirnova did not exist and she was, in fact a girl called Natalia Granchenko. My investigations concluded that Natalia Granchenko had been allowed to set up a fake profile by her Agency Director, Margarita Naumenko to facilitate this deception. As I understand it, this was common practice with Naumenko. At the time of writing to Jump4Love, I had spent in excess of $25,000 for web chats and letters with this girl and, perhaps foolishly, I had sent Natalia Granchenko some $4102 through Western Union. I can confirm however, that Natalia Granchenko has now repaid me the full $4102.

Jump4Love promised to investigate and eventually responded to me via email. They confirmed that I had indeed been the victim of a serious fraud and deception. They said that they had removed the offending profiles. They also informed me that they had calculated I had spent $17,250 communicating with this girl and said they would be providing me with a full refund. Jump4Love also said they would be terminating Margarita Naumenko’s agency agreement and removing all of the girls associated with her. In fact, it was to take several months…and only with my help, that they finally removed most of the girls that were associated with Margarita Naumenko. However, I know for a fact that some of these girls, many scammers amongst them, simply moved to other agencies and set up new profiles with Jump4Love. Of course, Jump4Love claimed this could not happen…but it did and they only reacted when I reported a specific case…and eventually I got bored of being their policeman! Anyway, I digress, back to why I call Jump4Love “Liars and Cheats”.

Following their written confirmation that I was entitled to a refund of $17,250, Jump4Love started to issue refunds in small amounts, mirroring payments I had made to them. However, these payments were sporadic and to be honest, I expected a full refund…not a ‘payment plan. When I queried this, at first they said they were paying me as and when they got the money from Margarita Naumenko. I told them that this was unacceptable, not least because any arrangement they had with Naumenko was a commercial one and nothing to do with my claim. I also made clear that at no point did they make clear that refunds were conditional. They wrote back and agreed that the refunds were not conditional, but instead, they were having problems reconciling the refunds with payments I made as a consequence of administration issues with their card processor. I accepted this argument and patiently waited for the money to be ‘drip fed’ into my credit card accounts. I have to admit I found this incredibly irritating, because attempting to reconcile these refunds was very time consuming.

In October of this year I noticed that I had not received any refunds from Jump4Love for several weeks, although this was not unusual, I was beginning to lose patience with Jump4Love for taking so long to refund the $17,250. They responded by informing me that the “CEO” was not happy with my blog and they would not process further refunds unless, or until I passed over the access passwords to this blog. I responded that I felt all the comments contained in this blog were fair, true and offered a “balanced” insight into my experience. I also made clear that I would never submit to any form of “blackmail”. They eventually responded stating that it was not their intention to blackmail me and acknowledging that I had been fair in my commentary on this blog. They also said that they would recommence the refunds immediately with view to refunding the balance owed within 6 weeks. They also asked that I acknowledge on this blog that they had taken responsibility an refunded my money, I replied that it was always my intention to highlight the fact that Jump4Love had refunded my payments because I wanted this blog to be an honest and fair account of my experiences. Jump4Love accepted this and over the following few weeks, informed me that refunds totalling in excess of $4823 had been made. [According to Jump4Love, this meant that they had met all their obligations in terms of the refunds. I was to later discover, after I competed an audit of the refunds, that this was a complete lie!]

When I checked with my card issuers, none of these payments had been received. I queried this with Jump4Love and they asked me for more information about my credit cards, I thought this was strange given all the information they needed to complete a refund is already there with the original payment, but I gave them what they asked for. When I heard nothing, I asked them to provide me with details of the refunds, including the transaction numbers so that I could get my card issuers to trace the refunds. I heard nothing further from jump4Love!

In conclusion, I believe I am fully justified in accusing Jump4Love of being liars and cheats, in fact, I would add to that and further accuse them of deception. They are liars because they claimed to have issued refunds when clearly they didn’t. They are cheats because they have attempted to cheat me out of money they themselves admit was taken from me through fraud. And, in my view, they are guilty of deception because they deceived me into believing that they were honourable people that would meet their obligations. If Jump4Love meet their obligations in the coming weeks, I will update this blog to reflect that, however, if they continue to ignore my communications, I declare publicly that I intend to issue civil proceedings against them for all of my losses, this includes the $25,000 that I spent with them directly (in the form of credits) as well as my losses incurred as a direct consequence of Jump4Love’s failure to adopt reasonable security measures to minimise the possibility of their clients being deceived through the connivance of dishonest agents and scammers using fake profiles. As I have mentioned elsewhere in this blog, at the time I was using Jump4Love, their “security measures” were virtually non-existent, they performed no background checks on new agencies or their directors, they never audited their agents or affiliates and they operated a system that allowed fake profiles to be set up routinely and easily. In other words, in my opinion they were reckless and breached their legal duty of care. Even if it was not their intent, through their lack of any effective initial and ongoing security measures, Jump4Love were arguably complicit in facilitating the deception.

I am sure there are many other men that have been the victims of a suspected deception involving girls featured on the Jump4Love website. If you suspect this is the case, I invite you to write to me with as much information as possible. If you want to remain anonymous, that is okay, my intention is to identify a pattern amongst certain girls and/or agencies and then submit this with my own evidence to the appropriate authorities with a view to persuading them to investigate the activities of Jump4Love, their agents and the girls. Anyone wishing to join me in a civil action against Jump4Love to recover payments they believe have been made through an active deception is also welcome to contact me; however, you need to be aware that in any civil action, your name will have to be revealed as party to the claim.

Update: Jump4Love have contacted me and insisted that they had refunded the full $4823. When I checked my latest statements, I had received just $1158 of the $4823 and given it is more than 4 weeks since the last refund they claim to have processed, I think it is safe to conclude that it is not ‘stuck’ in the banking system. However, given their track record on refunds, I decided to audit all the refunds they claim to have made and, yet again, their was a massive difference between what they claimed to have sent and what I received. On the 20th October, they claimed they had refunded $12,402….but according to my audit, I had received just $6650….!!! An error, I don’t think so. Therefore, to conclude, after 11 months, I have received just $7808 of the $17,250 Jump4Love promised to refund. Just 45% of the total! I have sent a final demand to Jump4Love, and I will happily update this blog with the outcome.


Who is Natalia Granchenko?

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

So, who is Natalia Granchenko? This is really a rhetorical question given I am not convinced that she knows who she is any more, but I will attempt to make some sense of it all. However, I can confirm that based on my research, others have been trying to find out the same thing, because there have been two searches of the name “Natalia Granchenko” on an anti-scam website, one in August and one in November!

I know that Natalia Granchenko was communicating with a number of men both prior to our introduction and during. I knew Natalia Granchenko in the guise of “Kristina Smirnova”, but also became aware that she was using a profile of one of her friends “Olga”. All of these profiles have now been removed from Jump4Love, but I know for a fact, that Natalia Granchenko is still active on Jump4Love with fake profiles. In addition, in spite of the fact that Natalia Granchenko informed me that she was no longer going to use ‘dating sites’, the reality, as was often to prove the case with this girl, was completely different. For example, I have recently discovered that she has a profile listed on Mariya Club, with her own name, but the photos are very recent…so much for Natalia retiring! I have written to Mariya Club to inform them about my experiences with Natalia Granchenko and Margarita Naumenko, I will publish the outcome, if any!

It is evident that Natalia Granchenko is not only an accomplished liar, but she is also a fantasist and I have to admit, an excellent actress. However, as with most things in life, there is always some truth amongst the lies and, given I know that Natalia is still active, albeit not necessarily using her real identity, I want to share some things that I have learned about her through hundreds of hours of ‘chat’ and subsequently through my own investigations. This may be useful to anyone else that suspects that they may be in touch with Natalia Granchenko. Whilst I knew Natalia Granchenko as “Kristina Smirnova”, I will, in the interests of simplicity, refer only to Natalia Granchenko.

In terms of her background, Natalia told me that she lived with her parents, or more specifically, her mother and her “step-father”. In fact, she built up an incredibly detailed story of how she hated him, that he was a “pervert” and was always spying on her. All of this sounded credible at the time, because Natalia would invariably wear very revealing clothes and often wore tops that exposed her nipples, or would come on camera wearing a very short robe and nothing else. She also said he was always drinking and that she was afraid of him, in addition to this, she told me that he rarely worked….and would watch TV until the early hours of the morning. Natalia built a ‘virtual family’ and would often give me news, updates or other ‘titbits’. For example, she would tell me when they had house guests, when she was helping her mother cook the dinner or be spending time helping her mother “print documents”. It all sounded so credible.

Natalia even told me how her step-father, who she said married her mother 7 years before, would insist that she sit on his knee when she was barely 18 years old…the inference being that this had some form of sexual connotation. In November 2010, she told me that she had caught her “step-father” in the bathroom with her underwear and in a compromising position. In fact, she made such a big thing about this, that we spent many hours discussing how she should handle this and, eventually we agreed that she would speak to her mother. She then gave me chapter and verse on the outcome.

However, the truth is, Natalia Granchenko does not live with her parents, she lives on her own, in a rented apartment, apart from when her ‘boyfriend’ stays with her. So, as you can see, Natalia Granchenko is quite capable of creating a ‘virtual family’ to go with her fantasy world.

Natalia, in her guise as “Kristina Smirnova” told me that she worked in a salon. In fact, she told me that she was a qualified hairdresser, but had asked her boss if she could take on the role of receptionist because this was less exhausting. Initially this cover story was used to explain why Natalia couldn’t meet with me, because she claimed that she worked 6 weeks and then had 2 weeks’ vacation. Needless to say, when I ‘met’ Natalia, she had just finished her vacation. However, not satisfied with this cover story, Natalia went on to tell me how her boss was always making unwarranted and unwanted advances on the girls and that, on one occasion, he seduced one of the girls at a Christmas party and she subsequently left. After a few weeks, Natalia told me that her boss was starting to make lewd remarks to her and was making advances on her; she said that she was very uncomfortable with this and felt “afraid”. Of course, I suggested that she report this matter to the Police or threaten to expose the man, but Natalia found many reasons why this was not possible.

Eventually I offered to help her if she felt uncomfortable. I said that I would help support her whilst she found another job; Natalia said that she didn’t think this was necessary. Looking back now, this seems incredibly naive; however, t the time it seemed to be a natural thing to offer in what was a blossoming friendship. In any event, a week or so later, Natalia said that she was no longer willing to accept his behaviour and left. Being a man of my word, I told Natalia that I would help her and, once again, with hindsight and perhaps foolishly, only now did I enquire as to how much she was paid each month. I was quite shocked when Natalia told me that it was $500 a month. I told her at the time that this seemed a very high salary for a ‘receptionist’ given the average salary in Ukraine as closer to $200 per month. Natalia insisted that this was because she was on some form of “profit share” and this meant she received a good income. Although I doubted the veracity of this statement, I had made a commitment and decided to honour it. At the time I did not doubt that Natalia was working at the salon, my one reservation was that she had exaggerated her salary. Because Natalia had left ‘without notice’ she told me her boss would not pay her, so I immediately sent Natalia $500 by Western Union.

The truth, however, is that Natalia was not working at a salon when I first ‘met’ her and, this appears to have been a carefully crafted story to create a situation whereby she could claim to need some financial support due to a change in personal circumstances. Recently, after I discovered that “Kristina” was a fake invented by Natalia Granchenko, I asked Natalia if she intended to return to work. She told me that this was not urgent, because she lived with her family and they were supporting her. Of course, as I alluded to earlier, Natalia does not live with her family and, for all intents and purposes, has no visible means of income. In fact, I am convinced that all Natalia’s income is generated through commissions earned for correspondence and chats with men, supplemented by men sending her money for support or gifts. Whilst I am sure that Natalia’s income may have dropped now that I am no longer in her life, I feel sure that she continues to work in an industry that she has become proficient in.

Of course, Natalia told me that she didn’t have a boyfriend, naively; I thought that I was the only man in her life when we were communicating. However, she has subsequently admitted to me that she has had a casual boyfriend for more than 1 year, but she met him only occasionally for sex, “perhaps once every 4-6 weeks”. She has never revealed the name of this boyfriend to me. In addition, she told me that she met a former boyfriend called “Dennis” on New Year’s Eve and that they ended up having sex after she was too drunk to resist.

My subsequent enquiries suggest that this is a mixture of fact and fiction. I am given to understand that her long term “casual boyfriend” is in fact Dennis and he virtually lives with Natalia. If this is true, I am left wondering what Dennis thought when his scantily clad “girlfriend” was spending every night talking to men on the internet complete with an open webcam. Did he know what was going on? I think I will never know for certain, but I can’t imagine many men accepting such behaviour. It is supposition, but I suspect the incident where Natalia claimed that she had sex with Dennis, a “former boyfriend”, was a combination of fact and fiction. I believe this did happen, but, as her boyfriend, she quite naturally arranged to spend New Year’s Eve with him!!! However, I wonder what Dennis would think if he knew that since I exposed Natalia, she has been insisting that we meet up for sex!

Of course, it is quite possible that you will be unfortunate enough to come across Natalia Granchenko in another guise, therefore I have decided to share some things that I have learned about Natalia over hundreds of hours of ‘chat’ and the exchange of more than 700 letters. If you notice any similarities, you may want to tread with caution, or ask for further proof of identity.

First of all, if Natalia uses a webcam, then it is likely the webcam image will poor, perhaps through bad lighting, or some other method, such as placing some cellophane over the lens to distort it. The webcam will typically be fixed on her breasts, but she will tell you that this is because the camera mounting will not remain fixed or that she hasn’t washed her hair or perhaps that she has no makeup on. If she does show you her face, then the image will be very carefully crafted, a close up image, typically on the eyes, poor quality, shaky and very short. Also remember, that Natalia was quite happy to don a blonde wig to disguise herself as Kristina Smirnova, therefore hair colour can’t be viewed as a indicator to her real identity. I can honestly say I did not have a clue that the blonde Kristina Smirnov was in fact the brunette Natalia Granchenko.  I am given to understand that it is not uncommon for some girls, especially if they are earning a commission, to use more than one identity and when this is the case, they will never show their face, instead, the camera (if used at all) will be fixed onto their body (often sexily dressed).

If you are speaking with Natalia, you can expect her to come up with a myriad of excuses as to why you have to use the communication facilities of the dating site. For example, Natalia allowed me to buy her a new notebook in order that she would have a computer suitable for use with Skype. But, of course, she had no intention of allowing this to happen. First she said that the webcam didn’t work, and then she told me that the store refused to exchange the notebook, they would only agree to repair it which would take 6-8 weeks and we would not be able to chat during this time because her other laptop didn’t work with Skype. When I agreed to pay for a PC expert to resolve

the problem, he could not fix it, nor could he install an external webcam. Of course, once we have resolved that we would use Skype’s chat facility without video, we were to encounter a series of problems, first Natalia could not load it, then she could not understand it, and when she did get it working some weeks later, it would operate for anything from 5 minutes to 25 minutes and then inexplicably go offline! However, the Videochat facilities of jump4Love always appeared to work perfectly. Amazingly, other alternatives I suggested didn’t work for Natalia either, these included Yahoo Messenger, ooVoo and another web based Videochat system requiring no software, just a web browser. Of course I was angry and a little suspicious that all of these alternative (and free) methods of communications didn’t work, but Natalia was very clever at playing the damsel in distress, with little or no computing expertise and placing all the guilt on me for be so nasty. At the time it appeared to be a series of technical issues brought about by Natalia’s lack of basic computing skills, coupled with a poor service from Ukrainian companies. But, looking back on it now, there appears to be strong circumstantial evidence (in spite her denials), that Natalia was benefitting financially from me having to pay for the Videochat facilities of dating site, jump4Love.

Another particular penchant for Natalia was “hot chats” and sex toys. Natalia Granchenko really seemed to enjoy having what she liked to call hot chats and loved to fantasise. So, if the girl you are communicating with appears to be camera shy; invites you to have “hot chats” and loves to talk about vibrators, then you could be talking to Natalia Granchenko. When Natalia first wrote to me in the form of Kristina Smirnova, the letter was charming and not full of sexual innuendo; the “hot chats” came much later when we were comfortable with each other. However, I am given to understand that Natalia now prefers the more more direct approach, to the softer, more romantic letters I received from “Kristina”.

If I was to summarise Natalia Granchenko I would have to say that I believe that her primary motivation is control and money. I believe that she has very few scruples and this can be characterised by the fact that she used photographs of a girl she found on the internet to create her identity and even stooped as low as to even send me a photo of “Kristina” when she was 7 years old and in this instance, it was a photo lifted from a Ukrainian girl on social networking site. I think this was particularly shameful.

I find it hard believe that Natalia Granchenko is in a happy or satisfying relationship, because she clearly flirts with other men on camera and in front of her boyfriend, moreover, she was even insisting that I met her in Ukraine for 10 days after I had exposed her. I believe that Natalia is a fantasist, many of the stories she has invented have been detailed and consistent, delivered with commitment and conviction. However, I do wonder what her parents would think if they knew what she has been saying, especially if she genuinely has a step-father. Natalia appears to be a girl with no moral compass, this can be demonstrated by the fact that she was quite prepared to take subsistence money from me on the basis that she had to leave her job because she was being “sexually harassed” (a complete fabrication) and she was even willing to accept money for a new laptop, in spite of the fact that the one she owned worked perfectly well. Moreover, she was willing to agree to a meeting 5 times and on 3 occasions, cancel the meeting just a few days before,

knowing that flights and accommodation had been paid for. Only Natalia knew for certain that the meetings could never take place, because, of course, “Kristina” did not exist. In my view, it is one thing to try and extract money for personal gain, but it takes a certain type of person to allow a man (any man) to spend huge sums of money on flights and accommodation in the full and certain knowledge, that these meetings would never take place.

On a final note, it has to be said, that Natalia Granchenko could not have deceived me in this way without the connivance and support of Agency Director, Margarita Naumenko (Force of Love, Nikolaev) and the disappointing vetting procedures and auditing processes employed by Marriage and Dating site,!

Job advertisements for girls!

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

I spent a little over an hour completing a search in Google for adverts being placed in Ukraine for girls to ‘work’ in a Marriage Agency. First I used the following keywords “marriage agency jobs” and then I translated it into Russian using Google Translate. Of course, as would be expected, there were many ‘expired’ advertisements that I couldn’t view, however, I have published a few that I did find below.

It appears commonplace to advertise for “translators” or “operators”, but this is often followed by mandatory requirements, such as they should be attractive, or perhaps aged between 18 and 35, or there may be an offer of a free photography session. Quite why operators or translator would need to be attractive, young or need a photo portfolio is beyond me, but I will leave to your own imagination!

Given the vast majority of the men who use these dating sites speak English (as opposed to Russian), I have used Google Translate to covert the advertisements into English before I saved the images. However, I would urge caution, because translations are not always 100% accurate; however, that said, I would also remind you that in spite of what you may be told about translators, most of the girls use similar packages to translate letters and chat messages.

I have not published all of the adverts I have found, that would lead to a very long posting, instead I have taken a random sample. It should also be noted, that many adverts are also placed in local newspapers and, of course, I don’t have access to these. However, I have ‘cropped’ some advertisements, together with the author’s annotations, and included these in this posting together with a link to the anti-scam website that published them.

One final point, you will note that some of these adverts include the names of major website operators of marriage and/or dating sites. I am not suggesting that these operators have knowledge of these advertisements or that they condone such activities, but the fact remains that their names are being used and if, as an English only speaker, I can find these advertisements, so can the website operators. Furthermore, irrespective of whether the website operators are aware of these advertisements or not, it is self-evident that if girls are being offered ‘commission, payment, rewards or gifts’, that at least some of the “Marriage Agencies” in Ukraine are sharing their income with the girls that send us letters or chat to us. At the very least, users of these websites are entitled to expect the website operators to have a tough, proactive policy of stamping out this abhorrent practice.

If we assume that the majority of men that go to these sites are genuine and I accept that not all are, then the question I have to ask is this; if you knew the girls were being paid to communicate and chat with you, would you be prepared to pay the extortionate charges demanded by these websites? I know that I for one would certainly walk away, given it would always be impossible to measure sincerity. Based on the high charges imposed for letters, chat and Videochat, we are entitled to expect that the girls we communicate with are genuine…moreover, we are entitled to demand that the website operators impose very strict policies and auditing procedures to ensure that agencies and/or girls cannot submit false profiles.

I can give you a couple of examples: I reported one girl for using two identities on Jump4Love and to their credit, they acted immediately. However, I could never understand why they elected to remove just one of the identities, instead of both. Clearly this girl was acting dishonestly given she changed her date of birth, age, city or residence and even her level of English. The girl that deceived me on Jump4Love also had the fake profile that she used to defraud me, her own profile and one she had “taken over” from a friend that had left the site. I also know of another girl that has two identities with the same photos (but different hairstyle), but the profiles have a different age, date of birth and other key details. In addition, by an amazing coincidence, whenever she is online, the profiles of 3 other girls are also online at the same time. Once again, this is on the Jump4Love site. After my last experience, I haven’t bothered to report this, but I am inclined to ask, if I can spot these irregularities, why can’t the website operators, or perhaps it is because they are not looking too hard!



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Questions for dating site operators

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Can dating site operators refuse to accept responsibility for the actions of their agents, partners or representatives in foreign countries?

If you have reason to write to the website operator of a dating site because you have been a victim of fraud, then you will be doubtless aware, that their ‘terms and conditions’ attempt to relieve them of any responsibility for the actions of their agents or the girls. However, it must always be remembered, that any terms and conditions must be deemed ‘reasonable’ and no terms can remove your consumer or your statutory rights, even if they attempt to. Furthermore, no terms and conditions are ‘set in stone’ the only way to determine if these terms are reasonable is in a court of law. Please do not be discouraged by a set of terms and conditions, which is precisely what they want. If you think they are unreasonable, then challenge the website operator, first in writing and then, if necessary, in a court of law. Remember, most businesses don’t want to defend these challenges, because they are worried about setting a precedent, which could leave the doors wide open for further claims.

In my view, no matter what a website operator states in their terms, they have a moral as well as a legal obligation to take all necessary steps to reduce, if not eliminate scams or frauds against their clients…that is you and me, the people that pay for this ‘service’.

I think most men would be amazed at how little effort is put into protecting our interests. Given, from what I have witnessed, most website operators are not proactive; instead they rely on ‘reports’ from their clients. In other words, the crime has invariably been committed and losses incurred before any action is taken. Is that reasonable, I don’t think so?

Whilst there are, I am sure, some legitimate marriage or dating agencies in places such as Ukraine, there are also many that are at best unscrupulous and others that can only be described as criminal operations. For example, any agency that offers to share income generated from letters, chat and Videochat with girls who are supposedly on the site because they are seeking “love”, cannot claim to be legitimate. In my view, a ‘reasonable man’ would not be able to trust any girl that is being paid to chat and herein lies a legitimate complaint. If website operators and/or their representatives are not proactive in stamping out such practices, how can they claim to be acting reasonably or in our interests?

Some website operators and/or their agents claim that they monitor ‘chat’ sessions to protect their clients against cases of potential fraud and to prevent girls from asking for money. This is quite interesting, because in my particular case, in spite of many hundreds of hours of chat, no warning was ever given to me regarding requests or discussions surrounding money and/or gifts! That notwithstanding, there are a number of forums (in Russian/Ukrainian language), where girls openly complain that the monitoring has more to do with “fining” girls who pass on contact details or those who suggest an alternative to the operators chat facility. If these forums are to be believed, how can that be in our interests? If you don’t believe me, complete your own research, these forums are easy to find.

Returning to the subject of what website operators can or should do to minimise risks to their clients (that’s you and me!), I have put together a series of questions that I believe they should answer, given, arguably, these are the bare minimum of precautions and/actions we should be able to expect from a legitimate website operator. Of course, your website operator may choose to ignore your questions or refuse to answer them…but you can be fairly sure, if they do have good vetting and protection procedures, they will tell you. So even if they refuse to answer, or ignore your questions, you can be fairly certain they do not routinely adopt these practices.

  1. What vetting procedure do you utilise to ensure that your agents, partners or representatives are ‘fit and proper persons or entities’ to act on your behalf, given you place virtually all responsibility on them to ensure that profiles are genuine and girls properly identified?
  2. What ‘proofs of identity’ do your agents, partners or representatives obtain before a girl can be registered on your site? Do you receive a copy of these ‘proofs’ to ensure that frauds cannot be easily committed, if not, why not?
  3. Girls that leave a site frequently complain that their identities have not been removed and/or have been hijacked, what systems do you have in place to prevent this happening?
  4. Do you visit your agents, partners or representatives to audit their systems prior to allowing them to act on your behalf?
  5. Are your agents, partners or representatives required to enter into a written contract, if so, what protection does this give your clients in the event of a fraud? Can you provide me with a copy of this agreement?
  6. Does your agreement with your agents, partners or representatives forbid the payment of salaries and/or commissions to the girls? If not, why not?
  7. Do you require your agents, partners or representatives to provide a financial surety/bond in the event of a case of fraud, if so, how much is this for?
  8. Given your entire business is based on the premise that your girls are genuine and that they are correctly and properly vetted, what auditing procedure do you have in place? How often does this audit take place?
  9. What systems do you have in place to prevent girls using multiple identities? Do you log IP addresses against girls ID’s? Is it possible for a girl to log onto multiple identities (even with different browsers) simultaneously? This is a very simple technical challenge, if you do not do this, why not? There is, after all, no reason why a girl would need multiple identities unless she was being rewarded for communicating with men.
  10. Most operators use ‘keywords’ to flag up or “block” men and women from passing contact details to each other during chat sessions or in letters, this is designed to protect your commercial interests and is perhaps understandable. However, what systems do you implement, if any, to flag up keywords often used in scams which could offer a similar level of protection to your clients? If you don’t do this, then why not, surely it used exactly the same technology?
  11. How often, if ever, do you remove ‘inactive’ profiles of girls, given it is self-evident, that inactive profiles are a prime resource for unscrupulous agencies?
  12. If you terminate an agent, partner or representative, what systems do you have in place to ensure that they do not set up a new agency and transfer their girls to the new entity?
  13. If I formalise a complaint for deception and/or fraud are you prepared to cooperate voluntarily with the law enforcement agencies to assist in the prosecution of the offenders?

This list of questions is by no means comprehensive, but it is a guide to some of the questions you can legitimately ask, given it will provide a clear indication of how serious the web operator is about ensuring that your interests are protected. If the web operators can’t answer positively to at least 75% of these questions, then I would argue that they are demonstrably failing in their moral and/or legal obligation to ensure that they operate with a reasonable level of due care and diligence.

Report a scam in Ukraine

Monday, February 21st, 2011

If you want to report a dating fraud or scammer to the Police in Ukraine, here is a list of the contact details for each district:

Tel / Fax, E- mail Mailing address
Crimea (0652) 29-69-55

Str.B.Khmelnitskogo , 4
Vinnitsa (0432) 59-34-66 /
ul.Teatralnaya , 1910
Volyn (03322) t / f: 4-99-08
vul.Vynnychenka 11
(0562) t / f: 744-06-60

Krasnaya ,
Donetsk (062) 338-08-90
t / f: 335-39-07
Gorkogo ,
Zhytomyr (0412) 407-202
t / f: 8 (0412) 407-726
10 008,
Old Boulevard,
Transcarpathian (03122) 3-45-27
t / f: 1-22-28
vul.F.Rakotsi ,
Zaporozhye (0612) 39-85-48
t / f: 34-66-13
vul.Matrosova ,
(03422) t / f: 3-24-13
Ivano-Frankivsk ,
vul.Saharova , 1915
Kiev (044) t / f: 417-27-00
mvdobl @
vul.Kozhum ‘yatska , 1
Kyiv (044) 271-99-90
Vladimirskaya , 15
(0522) t / f: 24-73-47
vul.Dzerzhynskoho , 1941
Lviv (0322) 78-21-60
t / f: 27-13-39
m.Lviv ,
vul.Hryhorenka ,
Lugano (0642) 55-92-34
F: 52-45-95
vul.Lunacharskoho ,
Nicholas (0512) 49-82-40

vul.Spaska ,
Odessa (0482) 28-20-50
F: 28-20-43

vul.Yevreyska ,
Poltava (0532) 2-88-17
vul.Pushkina , 1983
Rivne (0362) t / f: 26-36-41
vul.M.Hvylovoho , 2
Sevastopol (0692) 54-02-54
vul.Pushkina , 1910
Sumy (0542) 28-32-02
F: 27-62-52
vul.Kirova , 1923
Ternopil (0352) t / f: 52-71-09
04 601,
vul.Valova , 1911
Kharkiv (057) t / f: 700-29-25
http://police.kharkov. ua
vul.Radnarkomivska , 1913
Kherson (0552) 22-44-29
t / f: 22-55-02
st. Kirova , 4
Khmelnytsky (0382) 69-25-97 



st. Zarichans’ka 7


Cherkasy (0472) 39-35-28
F: 37-14-29
st. Smilyanska ,
Chernihiv (0462) 4-45-16
19-52-89 /
Pr the October revolution ,
Chernivtsi (0372) 52-68-35
F: 55-26-02

27 000,
st. Home,
Donetsk Railway (0) 993-802
83 018,
Donetsk , ul.Hornaya , 4
Railway (032) 226-52-02
F: (032) 226-52-03
http:// utmlviv . o RG . ua
info @ u t m Lviv . org . ua
290 023,
Lviv, Fedkovych , 50A
Odessa railway (0482) 241-178

270 046,
Odessa, vul.Serednoflotska ,
(0572) 24 – 35 – 18
61 093,
vul.Karpivska , 3
South Western Railway (044) 223-5502 252 030 01030
Kyiv, vul.Chapayeva , 6
provska railway
(056) 330-743, 330-768
49038, Dnepropetrovsk, KarlMarx, 108

Report scammers and bad practice

Monday, February 21st, 2011

The fact remains that most unscrupulous agencies and, it has to be said, the girls that work for them, rely on the fact that most men are too embarrassed to report illegal or questionable activities. However, it is important that we stand up for ourselves and complete our small part in attempting to stamp out acts of fraud and/or scamming. Many girls openly brag that they consider most “foreigners” to be gullible, stupid and easy game! In many cases, with the tacit approval of their local agencies, they have declared an open season on men.

If you have been a victim of a scam or fraud, I would urge you not to stand idly by and allow it to happen to others. Please remember, this is exactly what the questionable agencies and unscrupulous girls want…and indeed expect of us!

My personal experience has been with girls in Ukraine, therefore my advice relates mainly to this country, however, some of the information and/or advice is identical for scams originating in other countries.

There are many “anti-scam” websites that allow men to add the details of girls or their scams to their database and this information can then be accessed by other men who want to conduct some research. However, a note of caution, many girls use photos that are stolen from other websites, some ‘hijack’ the identities of other girls that have left the dating site and many use false names. In fact, one girl told me that it is incredibly easy for girls to change their names in Ukraine, at a cost of just $12. Therefore, whilst these sites can be a good start, it is not a definitive source of information.

If you have been a victim of deception or fraud, for example, a girl has used a false identity or stolen photos, and as a consequence, you have spent money to correspond with her or chat to her, then this is a crime in Ukraine and is likely to be covered under “Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Conduct“. There is a similar law covering Russia! Equally, if you have sent money to this girl and she is using a false identity and/or fake photos, then this is also a clear deception and, arguably an attempt to defraud! Other cases of deception and/or fraud are where girls ask for and subsequently receive money for common scams such as so called “visa scams”, “travel scams” and the usual “my mother is sick”, “debt collectors are threatening my life” etc!

Furthermore, if you can gain evidence that the agency pays girls to chat to men, then there may also be a case against the “agency director”, given they may be complicit in, or a party to the fraud.

The Police often claim that, whilst they know these scams are commonplace, they are unable to prosecute because men will simply not report the fact that they have been scammed. So…no victim, no prosecution and the girls and unscrupulous agencies carry on with apparent impunity. Remember, many of these agencies are now openly advertising for girls to correspond with and chat to men, this is clear evidence that prosecutions are rare. This will not stop unless victims report the crimes.

Of course, there are many ways in which victims of scams can put pressure on the authorities in Ukraine to investigate. For example, you can write to or petition the Minister of Internal Affairs. If there are enough complaints, they will feel obliged to launch an investigation.

In addition, it is safe to assume that many of the girls and perhaps the agencies they work for do not declare their “income” from scams and/or agency commissions. In fact, under Ukrainian law, all foreign income is supposed to be declared. If the money you have sent is as a consequence of a scam, then it is not a gift, but income. Similarly, if a girl is asking more than one man for money (and many do), then it is not a gift, it is a job! So, do your bit and report it to the State Tax Administration of Ukraine. One thing you can be certain of, no matter what country you are in, the ‘state’ hates to be deprived of taxes and are, therefore, likely to be more proactive than any other agency. Furthermore, do you really think that a girl that scams, or an agency that is complicit in the whole thing are declaring all their income? I think not! There is an email address on this link, so why not write to them and ask their advice? You won’t be able to recover your money, but you can sure as hell make life more difficult for the scammers and/or agencies! Please remember, you will need to provide as much ‘evidence’ (Western Union transfer receipts, letters, chat transcripts etc) as you can to initiate an enquiry, but don’t worry if you also include circumstantial evidence, it all helps to build your case.

If you want to report that you have been scammed to the Police, you do not have to do this in Ukraine. The Ministry of Internal Affairs have external representatives that cover a number of countries and member states therefore you can write to them direct. The external representatives are described as “Colonel of Militia“, therefore you can be fairly certain that they are senior officers who are free from ‘local influences’. These representatives cover Israel, Germany, member states of the European Union, Poland, Russian Federation, Turkey, Hungary and Interpol.

If you prefer to report a crime to the Police in Ukraine, then you need to be aware that each area is covered by a ‘district’. I have produced a list of the contact details for each Police District. Alternatively, you can report the crime to the Criminal Investigation Department in Kiev.

Many of the websites used by the girls and local agencies are based in the United States. It is conceivable that these website operators have no idea that their local agents or their girls are acting illegally, however, if you suspect that the website owners may be complicit, are turning a blind eye to such activities or, that they may have been negligent, then you can report them to the FBI and this can be done online, even if you are not a citizen of the USA.

Most website operators will include a condition within their terms that they cannot be held responsible for the actions of their agencies, representatives or partners. Similarly, they will insist that they cannot be held responsible for the actions of the girls. They are correct, up to a point, however, if the website owners have been negligent, or they have not taken reasonable steps to vet and/or regularly audit their representatives, then, irrespective of what their terms and conditions state, they could be held liable in a civil or even a criminal case. Please remember, that as a ‘consumer’ all terms and conditions have to be held to be “reasonable” and the only true test of this is in a court of law. Therefore, if you believe the website operator has been negligent or that they have failed to show reasonable care, don’t be put off by their terms and conditions, take them to court in the USA.

If you have been the victim of a scam, I have put together a list of questions you may want to ask the website operator. This is by no means comprehensive and it may not always be relevant to your particular situation, but it is a start.

Lets stop licking our wounds and start the fight back.

Do girls get paid to chat?

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

I have often asked myself this question and I am sure many men have also had similar thoughts. After all, most girls will tell you that they can only use the “chat” or “videochat” facilities availed by their agency and/or website operator, or that they don’t know how to use Skype. So, men are left with the choice, persevere with the expensive chat facilities, or walk away. However, most men always want to believe, so typically, we will continue whilst we try and establish if this is a scam of genuine.

One thing I have noticed, is that many of the girls appear petrified to “break their contract with the agency“, I don’t know if this is genuine fear, or another method of gaining our sympathy and therefore, our tacit agreement to continue using the sites chat facilities. If it is the former, then clearly this is evidence of a scam, or perhaps a fraud!

However, I recently discovered an article published by, which appears to offer evidence that some agencies actively recruit girls to chat to men and, in turn, offer them a share of the income generated. It is not clear how many agencies pay their girls a commission in Ukraine…but what is evident, is at least a few of the agencies openly advertise for girls to chat to men and offer to pay them for doing so. In other words, no man can ever be certain that the girl he is “chatting” to is simply trying to earn an income through deceit or has genuine intentions.

The fact that some agencies now openly advertise in newspapers and on the internet suggests an indifference by the local authorities to crack down on these scams. Moreover, if one man can track down and publish this evidence, then why is it that website controllers who are typically based in the USA, claim to have little or no knowledge of such ‘open’ practices? Perhaps they should be more proactive or diligent?

Although I have no specific evidence to suggest that agencies working with Jump4Love pay their girls a commission to write letters or chat, one girl did tell me (transcript available), that some girls receive prizes and that girls that work within the agency “may” get paid. However, the article produced on must act as a warning to us all.

My Story

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

So, you think you are too smart to get scammed by girls from Eastern Europe who are featured on dating and marriage agency websites? Well, think again, it happens to all of us…I thought I was streetwise, but I too became a victim of these scammers…and this is my story.

I will publish posts which will explain why I chose this particular “dating site” (, some of my experiences once I started to use the site, how I engaged into regular correspondence with a number of girls and what happened. How I managed to fall victim to a major scam, what happened when I exposed the “lie” and confronted the girl in question, then the local Nikolaev based “Agency Director” (Margarita Naumenko) and finally the owner of the Jump4Love website: Dmitry Sklyarov.

In fact, my story is ongoing, I am not prepared to give up, so I will update this blog with my subsequent experiences and what happens as I attempt to seek some justice and recover some or all of my money. Scammers rely on the fact that men are too embarrassed to pursue claims, or that they are daunted by the prospect of seeking legal redress in foreign countries such, as in my situation, Ukraine…but I will demonstrate that persistence and determination can be worthwhile.

I also urge anyone that has had similar experiences, especially with Jump4Love, to write to me or add their post on this blog. Lets work together to expose questionable practices, scammers or warnings to others. I will not publish anything that is potentially defamatory, each statement I make I can back up with evidence. otherwise I will express an opinion, which may be backed up with strong circumstantial evidence rather than written proof and if this is so, I will make this clear.

To ensure that there is no confusion about the website I am referring to, I will reproduce the information include on this website in terms of their trading names, owners and trading addresses.